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Are you getting the best deal on your Hotel Insurance?

You should not have to compromise local service to get the best resources in the insurance industry.  Our Hospitality Division has invested over 30 years of experience in providing specialized insurance programs to the hotel industry.

*Quick Turn Around
*First Class Service *Franchise Knowledge
*30 Years Experience
*47th Largest Agency
*300+ Companies
*Risk Management

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Hotel Insurance
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Platinum Founding Sponsor for over 25 years  

(Asian American Hotel Owners Association).

United Insurance Agency
  • 40 Agency Associates Available
  • 30 Years Providing Hotel Insurance Solutions 
  • 15 Dedicated Hotel Insurance Specialists

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We insure many large, multi-location properties as well as several small independently owned operations.

Hotel Insurance - Customer Service


Claims Reporting - 24/7

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Let us show you why we are known for outstanding customer service.  Request a hotel insurance quote today!


The design of our insurance program is tailored to fit many difference franchise requirements.

Homeowners Insurance

In addition to providing hotel insurance coverages, we provide solutions for your Home and Personal Auto, Life and Health Insurance needs.

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